I suppose I should start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read my latest blogpost! Today I have a few interesting topics to cover in terms of what I’m learning so far at Flatiron Technical School, and in doing so I was able to tie in these topics with some of my very own personal interests and hobbies, some of which I’ve developed over the course of the past year having been confined to my living space for the majority of time due to a Global Crisis which we all know as COVID-19.

To say that I’ve become a jack of all trades these days is a bit of an understatement this past year. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve picked up on a number of different hobbies that have kept me busy and productive throughout the day. One in particular is buying and restoring old Antique telephones to their former glory. Long story short, I got into this hobby about a year and a half ago after having watched a number of YouTube tutorial videos, thus becoming inspired to take on the task of reviving these old forgotten antique telephones and giving them another chance at life. I must say that I am amazed at the superb quality and durability that these things were back in the day. Certainly not like anything made today that’s for sure.

So the purpose of doing this project was a very good opportunity for me to help organize my phone inventory a lot better. I did so by implementing models, views, and controllers in my project. The idea behind it at least for me was to develop a more structured system for me to help keep track of all my phones coming in and going out of my inventory on a routine basis. This system was developed with a user who has the ability to store many phones in their account, hence the has_many relationship, and of course the phones themselves that each belong to an individual user which is where we get the belongs_to from. For now, I just designed it as a simple inventory list. However, if I wanted to advance things a bit more later on, I also have the option to go back and add different attributes of characteristics about my phones and what not.

Each user is allowed to create an account and their usernames are validated upon entry by active record. They can store as many phones as they like, and this system even gives me the potential opportunity to keep track of ongoing sales, which is probably something I should do more often these days anyways, based on the photo you see above.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and learning more about my latest project at the Flatiron technical school. I look forward to bringing you more noteworthy updates this year. Thanks again for following along!